26 May Where do the Parties Stand on Health Care?



Health care is in Crisis. What would each party do to address it?

Over the last few months health care workers and patients have described the conditions in our health care system as a crisis. Doctors Nova Scotia pointed to the inadequate number of doctors in the province, NSGEU highlighted the non-stop crisis in our province’s overcrowded emergency rooms, 600 concerned citizens packed a Sydney Gymnasium demanding action from politicians, and the Digby Area Health Coalition released a detailed and shocking report showing the impact of inadequate care and exploring why doctors keep leaving their community.

On election day we want to make sure that voters concerned about health care know where the parties stand.

Party questionnaire:

We asked all five registered parties five simple questions about how they plan to ensure that every Nova Scotian has access to free, accessible, high quality health care regardless of where they live or how much money they have in their pockets.

You can read the full, unedited responses from each party by clicking here. Or click on the questions below to see how each party answered each of our inquiries.

Primary Care

• How will your party ensure equitable access to appropriate primary care for Nova Scotians throughout the province?


• How will your party fund the urgent need for new and renovated publicly owned and controlled hospital infrastructure throughout Nova Scotia?

Long-Term Care

• How will your party provide appropriate spaces in not-for-profit and public facilities for seniors urgently waiting for throughout the province?


How will your party reduce over-administration in our health care system?


• How will your party both improve health system accountability to patients and citizens and reduce political interference in the management of our public health care system?


Forum on fairness and social policy

Along with 11 other community organizations we hosted a debate on social policy and its impact on every day Nova Scotians. Watch the video to see where the parties stand not just on health care, but also on poverty, environmental justice, housing, education and much more.

Additional Resources From Other Groups

African Nova Scotian Issues

A group of African Nova Scotian community groups asked parties how they will address issues specific to the African Nova Scotian Community. One question focused specifically on health:

If elected, would you support the collection of empirical health data with race, ethnicity and language identifiers as well as investment in health research that examines the intersections of race, ethnicity, culture, gender identity, income, citizenship status, sexual orientation, language and disability?

You can read the parties responses here. (note that it is a facebook link)

Reports and Recommendations

A group of doctors and other health care professionals released a scathing report on access to public health care during the election. You can read their report here.

Our friends in the Digby Area Health Coalition released eight months worth of research into the day-to-day impact of cuts to health care and the reasons why doctors leave the Digby area. You can read it here.