The Nova Scotia Citizens’ Health Care Network is the provincial affiliate to the Canadian Health Coalition.

You can also follow us on Twitter: @NSHealthNetwork.  Use hashtag #nshealth.

Formed in 1996 the Health Network’s goal is to stop the privatization of the public health care system, ensure high level of care, and create a forum of people and communities to discuss issues related to health care.

The Health Network is a coalition of local health committees, community groups, organized labour, faith groups and concerned individuals dedicated to protecting, strengthening, and expanding public health care to include services like pharmacare, dental care, long-term care and home care.

The Health Network is political but non-partisan and receives no government funding.  Our budget comes strictly from our members.

  • Recent Media Releases
    • Advisory – National Day of Action in 43 Communities Launches Health Accord Campaign


      Halifax, NS. – On Monday, March 31, 43 communities across Canada are sounding the alarm that public health care is under attack. The Nova Scotia Citizens’ Health Care Network is holding events in Halifax and Bridgewater as part of a national day of action to launch a campaign for new a Health Accord. The rallies will take place at noon and at Victoria Park in Halifax, and in front of MP Gerald Keddy’s office in Bridgewater.

      The Health Accord is an agreement between the provinces, territories and federal government. It provides stable federal funding and sets national standards and goals for improving the system. The current Health Accord expires March 31st, 2014 and the federal government is refusing to renegotiate it.

      “We are sounding the alarm to alert Canadians that without a new accord there will be no incentives to reduce wait times and delays, or evenTheres More…

    • Stand for Medicare – March 31 Day of Action!



      We are facing an important and deeply concerning moment in the history of public health care. March 31st marks the expiry of the 2004 Health Accord and the federal government has refused to negotiate a new one.

      Click here & join us on March 31st!


      We are sounding the alarm to alert Canadians to the end of federal leadership in health care and cuts of $36 billion to health transfers over 10 years. To do that, we are holding events in communities across Nova Scotia and all across the rest of Canada.
      We’ve already started planning for events in Halifax and Bridgewater, with more to come.

      Can you help organize actions in your community on March 31st?

      The action could take any form, from holding a rally or a film screening, to distributing letters, meeting an MP, or writing a letter to the newspaper.
      Any action, big or small, is important! 

      Materials,Theres More…

    • Statement on Northwood Home Support Workers Strike & Essential Services – 28/02/2014

      Halifax, NS – The Nova Scotia Citizens’ Health Care Network is disappointed an agreement could not be reached between members of NSGEU Local 34 and their employer, Northwood. 450 home support workers from Local 34 walked out on strike this morning, Friday, at 8am. The Health Network stands for universal public health care services that meets the needs of all Nova Scotians from cradle to grave. Public health care should cover the spectrum of continuing care, especially for home care and home support services.

      “Nova Scotia is in desperate need of increased supports and services in home care” said James Hutt, Provincial Coordinator of the Health Network. “We have an aging population, high rates of chronic illness and a waiting list 2,500 long for long-term care homes. We should be doing all we can to expand services, and support home care workers in the demanding work conditions they face.”

      TheTheres More…

    • Media Release: Press Conference Calls for Health Minister’s Apology

      For immediate release
      Community Groups, Patients call for Apology from Health Minster
      Halifax, NS – Health workers, patients, social workers and community members held a press conference today to respond to recent controversial comments by Health Minister Leo Glavine. The press conference, organized by the Nova Scotia Citizens’ Health Care Network, called for an apology from the Minister.

      The Minister published an opinion article in the King’s County Register on Feb 6. In it, Glavine wrote that health is an individual responsibility and suggested that those who do not eat well or exercise are abusing public health care.

      “The Minister’s comments are not only misguided and offensive, but a sign of ignorance. He shows that he has no understanding of the social determinants of health.” said James Hutt, Provincial Coordinator of the Health Network. “If we really want people to lead healthier lives, we first need to make addressTheres More…

    • Health Minister Overlooks Barriers to Healthy Lifestyle – Press Conference


      The NS Health Minister, Leo Glavine, recently published an article suggesting that our public health system could function like banks; as banks require a financial check before giving loans, patients should have to prove that they lead a healthy lifestyle before receiving health care.

      The Health Minister’s comments rids the government of responsibility for providing programs and services, and shames the poor. Join us on Thursday to demand a health care system that addresses inequality and provides equal care to all.
      Join the NS Health Network at a press conference:
      Thursday, February 27

      9am at the JBO Centre, 2103 Gottingen Street,
      Health workers, social workers, patients, and community members speak out!
      *Speakers list TBA*
      Glavine argues that people who do not eat well or exercise are abusing the health system and robbing it of much needed funding. He writes that health is ultimately an individual responsibility. While theTheres More…

    • Release: Federal Budget Bleeds Provincial Health Systems

      For immediate release

      Feb 11, 2013
      Federal Budget Bleeds Provincial Health Systems

      Halifax, NS – The federal budget tabled today in the House of Commons aims at balance by drastic cuts to Canada’s public health system, say the Nova Scotia Citizens’ Health Care Network. The budget passed up a number of opportunities to improve care nationwide, and marks a further step in the federal government’s abandonment of responsibility for health care.


      Canadians were promised a universal pharmacare plan in 2004 that would expand drug coverage and save $10.7 billion dollars. That has yet to materialize. Without a national aging strategy, provinces are left to their own to plan and fund how to provide care to aging populations. Furthermore, Ottawa has denied care to refugees, leaving the provinces to cover treatment of their most vulnerable.


      “The reals costs of this budget will be borne on the backsTheres More…

    • Release: Health Network Announces Election Report Card

      For immediate release
      Halifax, NS -The Nova Scotia Citizen’s Health Care Network published an election report card, grading all four of the political parties on their healthcare platforms.

      The Green Party received the highest grade of a “B.” The NDP ranked second with a grade of C+, followed by the Liberals at C-, and the PC’s with a D-.

      Parties were marked based on their platforms and on their responses to a questionnaire. The Health Network issued a final grade, as well grade for 6 key areas: Vision, Opposition to Privatization, Health Delivery, Access to Care, Pharmacare, and Patient Centred Care.

      “The results are really quite telling. Healthcare is a huge priority this election, with major challenges on horizon, but most parties are content to tinker around the edges” said James Hutt, Coordinator of the Health Network. “Only the Green party articulated a clear vision on how to reduce costsTheres More…

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