The Nova Scotia Citizens’ Health Care Network is the provincial affiliate to the Canadian Health Coalition.

You can also follow us on Twitter: @NSHealthNetwork.  Use hashtag #nshealth.

Formed in 1996 the Health Network’s goal is to stop the privatization of the public health care system, ensure high level of care, and create a forum of people and communities to discuss issues related to health care.

The Health Network is a coalition of local health committees, community groups, organized labour, faith groups and concerned individuals dedicated to protecting, strengthening, and expanding public health care to include services like pharmacare, dental care, long-term care and home care.

The Health Network is political but non-partisan and receives no government funding.  Our budget comes strictly from our members.

  • Recent Media Releases
    • Join us for our Annual General Meeting & Guest Speaker: Monika Dutt!

      Saturday, September 20th,
      Johanna B. Oosterveld Centre, 2103 Gottingen St, Halifax

      Following business, lunch will be provided and we’ll be joined by guest speaker
      Dr. Monika Dutt, from 1pm – 2:30pm:

      Among many other distinctions, Dr. Dutt is the Chair of Canadian Doctors for Medicare, the Medical Officer of Health for Cape Breton, an Adjunct Professor at Cape Breton University, and a family physician. 

      Dr. Dutt will speak about the challenges facing  public health care in Canada and strategies for overcoming them. A discussion will follow the presentation.
      This will be an event not to be missed! 

      To RSVP for the event please send an email to James (at) NSHealthCoalition.ca with your full name and any dietary restrictions.

      See you there!
      James & the rest of the Nova Scotia Citizens’ Health Care Network
      Business Meeting Agenda: (11am -12.30pm)

      Chair’s update

      Year in Review: Highlights
      Committee report – PersonnelTheres More…

    • Statement on NS College of Physicians’ Move to Regulate Private Health Care

      Keep Private Providers out of Health Care
      Published in the Chronicle Herald June 18, 2014
      At their recent annual general meeting, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia announced that they are getting ready for the privatization of health care. They will look at ways to regulate private health care as part of their strategic two year plan.

      This is a mistake and one that will put patients at risk. The College has a key role to play in setting the quality of care. They are the regulating body for all physicians and surgeons in their province. Part of the College’s mandate is to ensure the highest standards of care in all of its members’ practices. There is no way to do that with for-profit medicine.

      Decades of research have shown that private health care is less safe than public. Whether its private hospitals, clinics, or nursing homes,Theres More…

    • Press Release: Doctors, Community Members File Complaint against College of Physicians

      Halifax, N.S. – Doctors and supporters of public health care held an information picket Tuesday morning at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia. Protestors gathered in front of the Bayers Road office to pass out leaflets and to file a formal complaint against the College. The picket was organized by the Nova Scotia Citizens’ Health Care Network in response to the College’s recent decision to prepare to regulate private health care.

      “As a doctor, I’m deeply concerned by the college’s direction” said Timothy Bood, an emergency room physician and member of the Health Network. “Decades of research has proven for-profit medicine to be less safe; it puts patients at greater risk. No amount of regulation can change that.”

      At their annual general meeting, the College announced it would look at ways to regulate private delivery of care as part of their 2 year strategicTheres More…

    • Media Advisory: June 17th: Doctors, Supporters Picket College of Physicians

      Photo opportunity:
      Doctors, community members to picket NS College of Physicians & Surgeons, file formal complaint

      Halifax, NS – Doctors, health workers and community members are outraged that the Nova Scotia College of Physicians and Surgeons is preparing to accept and regulate private health care. At their recent annual general meeting, the College announced that is preparing for private delivery as part of its strategic direction. Public health supporters are concerned by the move; by trying to regulate privatization, the College is deeming private clinics safe when decades of research show otherwise. It also accepts and legitimizes the role of private clinics, which allows for the further development of a two tier system.

      Public health supporters are holding an info-picket in front of the College’s office and will be filing an official complaint against the college on behalf of all Nova Scotians.


      Reports are encouraged to accompany rally organizersTheres More…

    • Media Release: Provincial Budget “failing to plan for future”

      For immediate Release
      Provincial Budget “failing to plan for future,” Health Network says,
      Halifax, NS – The provincial budget tabled today in the legislature focused on 2 areas of health care: physicians and home care. The 2014/2015 budget provided $10.6 million to recruit and hire physicians, and $32.6 million for home care services. The Nova Scotia Citizens’ Health Care Network welcomed these improvements, but said the government “is failing to plan for the future.”

      “There is no forward planning in this budget” said James Hutt, Provincial Co-ordinator for the NS Health Network. “We welcome more support for home care and doctors, but there is nothing for community health centres, midwives or mental health and addictions. These are solutions that would improve quality of care, and actually save money.”

      The budget made no mention of the looming $902 million cut in federal health transfers. Starting in 2016-2017, the Harper Conservatives willTheres More…

    • Advisory – National Day of Action in 43 Communities Launches Health Accord Campaign


      Halifax, NS. – On Monday, March 31, 43 communities across Canada are sounding the alarm that public health care is under attack. The Nova Scotia Citizens’ Health Care Network is holding events in Halifax and Bridgewater as part of a national day of action to launch a campaign for new a Health Accord. The rallies will take place at noon and at Victoria Park in Halifax, and in front of MP Gerald Keddy’s office in Bridgewater.

      The Health Accord is an agreement between the provinces, territories and federal government. It provides stable federal funding and sets national standards and goals for improving the system. The current Health Accord expires March 31st, 2014 and the federal government is refusing to renegotiate it.

      “We are sounding the alarm to alert Canadians that without a new accord there will be no incentives to reduce wait times and delays, or evenTheres More…

    • Stand for Medicare – March 31 Day of Action!



      We are facing an important and deeply concerning moment in the history of public health care. March 31st marks the expiry of the 2004 Health Accord and the federal government has refused to negotiate a new one.

      Click here & join us on March 31st!


      We are sounding the alarm to alert Canadians to the end of federal leadership in health care and cuts of $36 billion to health transfers over 10 years. To do that, we are holding events in communities across Nova Scotia and all across the rest of Canada.
      We’ve already started planning for events in Halifax and Bridgewater, with more to come.

      Can you help organize actions in your community on March 31st?

      The action could take any form, from holding a rally or a film screening, to distributing letters, meeting an MP, or writing a letter to the newspaper.
      Any action, big or small, is important! 

      Materials,Theres More…

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