Say no to pay-for-plasma clinics!

The Nova Scotia Health Coalition is opposed to for-profit blood clinics due to the potential impact pay-for-plasma clinics have on the safety, security and supply of blood and plasma in the province and elsewhere. We have asked the Health Minister repeatedly to ban for-profit plasma collection in Nova Scotia and have yet to receive an answer.

Health care is not a commodity to be bought and sold on the market. 

Send Health & Wellness Minister Leo Glavine a personalized message and let him know you are opposed to for-profit blood clinics.

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Ontario and Quebec have banned pay-for-plasma clinics.


Once we compromise the blood supply we can't undo the damage.


Our supply is compromised when we ship our plasma to the highest bidder.

Why we need to stop these clinics

Many Canadians remember the tragedy of the Tainted Blood Scandal of the 1980s which resulted in tens of thousands of Canadians being infected with HIV and Hepatitis C. In 1997 the Krever Inquiry set out principles to create a secure and safe public blood collection system in Canada to ensure that Canada’s blood supply would never again be compromised.

Now private companies and the Nova Scotia government want to put Canadians at risk again. For-profit corporations want to create a market for plasma in Canada. They want to pay for plasma from Canadians and then sell it to multi-national pharmaceutical companies at a massive profit, regardless of the consequences.

These private clinics cannot guarantee the safety of the plasma supply, they will deprive the public system of donors and they prey upon the most vulnerable members of our society. When a company set up three of these clinics in Ontario they opened one next to a homeless shelter and another next to a methadone clinic.

On April 25, 2016 we co-hosted a panel discussion in Halifax with the Council of Canadians and BloodWatch about the risks that for-profit paid plasma clinics pose for Nova Scotians. Watch it now:

Video recorded by Mark Cunningham

The tragic legacy of tainted blood
How you can help

If you want to help you can:

  • Fill out the form above and talk Minister Glavine that it’s time to take action and protect Nova Scotians.
  • Sign up to volunteer with the the Nova Scotia Health Coalition.
  • Visit our allies at BloodWatch.