18 Jun Against Parking Fees at Saint Vincent’s Nursing Home

Printed in The Chronicle Herald, June 18th, 2013


As someone who has worked at Saint Vincent’s Nursing Home, I was disappointed to hear that a new user fee — in the form of parking fees — will now be an added burden for those looking to spend time with loved ones.

Our seniors live in long-term care homes that are stretched for resources. With frequent understaffing, nursing home staff struggle to provide the basic level of care, and cannot afford to spend additional quality time with residents. The brightest light in any resident’s day is when their family comes to visit.

Parking fees will only deter visitors. We should be encouraging family members to spend time with their loved ones. Visitors, staff, and volunteers — often seniors themselves — can hardly afford an added cost.

User fees, such as charging for parking, are a symptom of underfunding that will place hardship on seniors and their families.

Let’s address underfunding and understaffing, not add greater costs to residents, staff and visitors. Our seniors deserve better.

John Hutton, Nova Scotia Citizens’ Health Care Network