07 Apr April 7/2011 – Media Release: Health Network Questions Federal Candidates

Thursday, 07 April 2011

For Immediate Release
April 7, 2011

Health Network Questions Federal Candidates


Halifax, NS – The Nova Scotia Citizens’ Health Care Network has written to federal candidates asking them three important questions on the future of public health care in Canada.

“The ‘Harper Government’ has refused to enforce the Canada Health Act despite the growing number of private for-profit clinics,” says Kyle Buott, Provincial Coordinator of the Health Network.  “The public needs to know where candidates stand on protecting, strengthening and extending public health care.”

The Health Network asked candidates for their views on private, for-profit clinics, national pharmacare, and long-term and home care.  Candidates have been asked to respond by Thursday, April 21st at 5:00 pm.  The results will be published on our website and we will give each candidate a letter grade.  Failure to respond will result in a failing grade.

“Health care is the top of mind issue for many Nova Scotians and this federal election will likely determine who is in the drivers seat for the 2014 Health Accord,” says Buott.

The questions asked of candidates are:

1.     Private, for-profit clinics are opening around the country, including two here in Nova Scotia.  Many of these clinics are suspected to be in violation of the Canada Health Act.  If elected, what would you and your party do to enforce the Canada Health Act and stop the growth of private, for-profit health care?

2.     The cost of prescription drugs is rising dramatically.  A new study by Economist Marc Andre-Gagnon demonstrated that we could have a universal national pharmacare program, expanding coverage for millions of Canadians, and also save billions in the process.  If elected, will you and your party create a national pharmacare program?

3.     In Nova Scotia we have an aging population.  There is a total lack of leadership at the federal level in dealing with long-term care and home care.  If elected, what will you and your party do to create a national long-term and home care program to make sure all Canadian seniors have access to the health care they need?


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