03 Oct Election Report Card

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2013 Election Survey:


1. Please describe your party’s platform on Health Care.

2.If elected, would your party commit to proclaiming Bill 144 – the Insured Health Services Act, to protect public health care?

3. If elected, would your party fight for a new health accord? How would you respond to the looming $36 billion federal cut?’


4.If elected, would your party allow any additional privatization in health care?

5. If elected, would your party reverse existing privatization in health care (The 2 private, for-profit clinics, the Telecare contract, for-profit long-term care facilities)?

Health Delivery

6. How would your party deal with the issue of physician compensation, especially in rural areas were the fee-for-service model may not be ideal?

7. If elected, how would your party address health human resource shortages in the province? (Please note that this response should include technicians, radiologists and other support staff in addition to nurses and physicians)

8. What is your party’s position on the use of nurse practitioners?  Will you increase access to nurse practitioners around the province, especially in rural areas?

Access to Care

9. Nova Scotia has an aging population, what is your party’s strategy to ensure our seniors get the care they need?

10. With 1 in 5 Nova Scotians experiencing mental illness every year, how will your party improve mental health in the province?


11. If elected, would your party help lead the movement for national universal pharmacare?

Patient-Centred Care:

12. What is your party’s position on patient-centred health care? Would you increase funding for community health centres? Would you open more community health centres?

Grading Criteria:

A – The platform seriously considers and takes action on all public policy options presented by the Health Network

B – The platform contains several recommended policy options

C – The platform contains one of the recommended policy options or an equivalent

D – The platform contains none of the recommend policy options but does contain some action on the area of focus

– The platform makes no mention of the area of focus, or platform

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