24 Feb Feb 23/11 – Letter to the Editor: Hospital Cuts

Written by Kyle Buott
Thursday, 24 February 2011

Published in the Chronicle Herald on Feb 23/11.

Hospital cuts will affect patients
By Kyle Buott, Provincial Coordinator, Nova Scotia Citizens’ Health Care Network

The provincial government has asked health authorities to prepare for cuts of between 3-5% over three years. Cutting funding for public hospitals will affect patients…period. Whether it is by reducing staffing hours, food quality, number of procedures, maintenance, or infection control processes, hospitals cannot afford any cuts. The Health Network has calculated these cuts at up to $77.58 million. Check it out yourself, http://bit.ly/heOwDt.

In addition to direct affects on patients, cuts to public health care negatively impact the economy. Public health care is a major employer throughout the province and often provides among the best paying jobs available, especially in some rural communities. Cuts to public health care, while the economic recovery is shaky at best, don’t make sense.

There are resources in public health care that could be shifted, but cost savings should be redirected into new programs. Instead of cuts we should provide support to areas like primary care and Community Health Centres. This will improve access to care for everyone and reduce costs in the long run.

The NDP says they want to deliver Better care, sooner. How does cutting up to $77.58 million from our public hospitals create better care sooner in our communities?

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