11 Jul Federal Lobby Meetings

In late May we met with five members of parliament from across Nova Scotia. Health Coalition volunteers, staff and board members met with Bernadette Jordan, Bill Casey, Geoff Reagan, Andy Fillmore and Darrell Sampson as part of a nationwide coordinated lobby week.

We had five major priorities:

  1. The need for the federal government to negotiate a new national Health Accord with the provinces to replace the previous accord which expired in 2014. A new Health Accord would ensure that all Canadian have access to high quality public healthcare regardless of where they live or how much money is in their pocket.
  2. The need for the creation of a national Pharma-care program that would make sure Canadians can access the the drugs they need.
  3. For Health Canada to ban predatory for-profit-plasma collection clinics.
  4. The importance of the federal government taking a lead in developing a national health strategy around aging.
  5. Our concern about past federal governments’ unwillingness to enforce the Canada Health act to prevent creeping privatization which threatens our universal, public system.


Thank you to the MPs and their staff who met with us and to all the volunteers who shared their experiences and concerns about public healthcare.

If you are interested in volunteering to meet with elected officials and candidates or want to help organize events in your community sign up as a volunteer.

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