21 Mar Get Involved! – National Health Care Lobby Week April 8th

The Nova Scotia Citizen’s Health Care Network is joining with medicare allies across the country to organize a national lobby during the week of April 8th to ask Members of Parliament to support the 2014 Health Accord.

So far the Harper government has ignored the call of premiers to talk about the state of health care in Canada. Instead, Finance Minister Flaherty dictated to the premiers that the Canada Health Transfer will be cut by $36 billion after the next election (budget 2016/2017).

The 2014 Health Accord gives our leaders an opportunity to protect, strengthen and extend public health care by ensuring the Canada Health Act is enforced, sharing best practices in public health care, discuss evidence-based and innovative solutions, setting national standards on care so that every person in Canada receives quality care, and including areas that are under-served or not covered by medicare- such as home and community care, long term care, mental health, dental care, and pharmacare- and find ways to expand the medicare umbrella.

We’re asking our members, allies, and friends to help us get this message to members of parliament now, before it’s too late! We met Members of Parliament in a large one-day lobby on Parliament Hill in December 2011 and December 2012, but now we need to meet them on our turf- at home in their ridings.

With less than a year left until the 2004 health accord expires, we have a window of opportunity to push the federal government and opposition members to stand up for public health care, something that 94 per cent of Canadians believe in! We need to hold our MPs’ feet to the fire and demand a new, comprehensive 2014 Health Accord which protects, strengthens and extends public health care for everyone. On the provincial front, we need to encourage the Nova Scotia government to step up and pull Harper to the negotiating table with the other premiers. Members of the provincial legislature need to hear from constituents that we want leadership in defending public health care.

If you’re interested in joining us and meeting with your MP or MLA the week of April 8th call or email us! You can contact johnhutton@nshealthcoalition.ca or call (902) 406-9422. We’ll get you set up with guides on the issues and tips on how to have a good meeting with politicians. You do not need to be an expert to meet with your MP or MLA.