12 Oct Health care advocates urge Minister Delorey to support pay-for-plasma ban


Health advocates from BloodWatch.org, the Council of Canadians, and the Nova Scotia Health Coalition are calling on Nova Scotia’s Minister of Health and Wellness, Randy Delorey, to support legislation introduced to the house banning for-profit plasma collection in the province. This week the New Democratic Party introduced Bill 37, the Voluntary Blood Donation Act. This act would take steps to protect Canada’s voluntary blood system and protect Nova Scotians.


“Minister Delorey is putting the security of the blood supply in Nova Scotia at risk by leaving the door open to paid-plasma,” said Kat Lanteigne, Executive Director of BloodWatch.org. “The only way to stop private blood brokers from opening is to implement a legislative ban as Ontario, Alberta and Quebec have done.”


Private plasma collection centres such as those operated by Canadian Plasma Resources pay people to sell their plasma which they then sell on the international market. These companies often target and exploit vulnerable populations and endanger the security and sustainability of the public blood and plasma system.


“Policies and decisions made regarding blood and blood products in Canada should be based on prioritizing the safety of donors and recipients and protecting the Canadian blood system overall, not lining the pockets of a private industry seeking to benefit on the backs of the most vulnerable in society,” said Angela Giles, Atlantic Regional Organizer with the Council of Canadians.


While effectively banned from several provinces, Canadian Plasma Resources have opened clinics in Moncton and Saskatoon and now have their eyes set on Nova Scotia. A document acquired by BloodWatch.org through a freedom of information request shows that phase one of their 2016 business plan includes opening a collection centre in Nova Scotia.


“We need a legislated ban on these practices as soon as possible,” added Chris Parsons from the Nova Scotia Health Coalition. “This is a simple, low-cost, and proactive step that this government can take to protect the health of Nova Scotians.”




BloodWatch.org is a safe blood advocacy organization founded by tainted blood survivors.

Founded in 1985, the Council of Canadians is Canada’s leading social action organization, mobilizing a network of 50 chapters across the country.

The Nova Scotia Health Coalition is a political but non-partisan organization committed to defending, strengthening and extending public health care.


Media Contacts:


Kat Lanteigne

BloodWatch.org (Executive Director)

(647) 272-7381 or info@bloodwatch.org


Angela Giles

Council of Canadians (Atlantic Regional Organizer)

(902) 478-5727 or agiles@canadians.org

Chris Parsons

Nova Scotia Health Coalition (Provincial Coordinator)

(902) 880-8628 or coordinator@nshealthcoalition.ca