26 Nov Letter to the Editor: P3’s Privatization by Stealth

Written by Kyle BuottMonday, 26 November 2007

P3’s privatization by stealth

By Kyle Buott, Coordinator, Nova Scotia Citizens’ Health Care Network

Kudos to CUPE NS President Danny Cavanagh for his column “P3’s a bad deal”.  His article presented many failures of the P3 model in building essential social infrastructure.

Perhaps one of the biggest threats posed by P3’s is that of privatized hospitals.  A P3 building scheme will privatize the construction and operation of the buildings which house our health care system.  In many cases around the country and around the world this has also led to privatized services being offered at the hospital or services being contracted out to private providers.

The P3 model is a privatization by stealth.

P3’s are being rejected around the world.  In Ontario, the Ontario Health Coalition released a report in 2005 entitled “Flawed, Failed, Abandoned, 100 P3’s – Canadian and International Evidence”.  The report is available on their website at here.

There are many steps that can and should be taken to strengthen and expand the health care system, P3’s are not one of them.  Let’s stop the P3’s before they are started.

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