21 Feb Letter to the Editor: P3s wrong choice

Written by Kyle Buott

Thursday, 21 February 2008

P3s wrong choice for Nova Scotia
By Kyle Buott, Coordinator, Nova Scotia Citizens’ Health Care Network

The provincial government continues talking about public-private partnerships (P3s).  On Tuesday, the government announced they will work with Partnerships BC, a crown corporation in British Columbia devoted to building relationships with the private sector and government agencies to facilitate P3 privatization.

The research shows P3s costs more, like the 30 P3 schools built in Nova Scotia which had cost overruns of $30 million.  Or the five P3 hospitals in Ontario being built with cost overruns of nearly $1 billion.

The public also loses control over vital public infrastructure.  With the 30 P3 schools, communities lost the ability to hold events at schools on weekends, or were charged huge fees for access to these public structures.  In some cases, the contracts for P3s are kept secret from the public.

The provincial government should scrap its plans to privatize public infrastructure with P3s.  The Nova Scotia Citizens’ Health Care Network is currently organizing local health committees in communities around the province to fight back against privatization.  To get involve call our provincial office at (902) 406-9422.

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