30 Mar March 30/11 – Letter to the Editor: Harper Failing Medicare

Written by Kyle Buott

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Printed in the Chronicle Herald on March 30/2011


Harper failing medicare

This year’s federal election is important for the future of medicare. For example, it will determine who will be there to negotiate a new federal-provincial funding deal for health care by 2014.

What has been the record of the Harper government? They have looked the other way while private, for-profit health care grows around the country. In 2008, the Ontario Health Coalition showed that there were at least 83 suspected violations of the Canada Health Act, yet the federal government refuses to enforce its own laws and protect public health care.

In addition, they have shown no interest in strengthening public health care and developing national standards for long-term and home care, which would ensure all Canadians receive similar levels of care.

The Harper government has also failed Canadians when it comes to prescription drugs. Economist Marc-André Gagnon showed that we could provide universal Pharmacare for everyone and actually save $10 billion, but the Harper government failed to act to extend public health care.

We need strong leadership at the federal level to protect, strengthen and extend public health care. Whom will you trust with medicare?

Kyle Buott, provincial co-ordinator, Nova Scotia Citizens’ Health Care Network