14 May May 14/12 – Media release: Ambulance Fee Reduction

Ambulance Fees Reduction A Good First Step

Halifax, NS – The Nova Scotia Citizens’ Health Care Network is very pleased to see the provincial government is moving to reduce ambulance fees.  The Health Network has been campaigning against ambulance fees for years as no one should need to pay to access health care.


“Today’s announcement of reduced fees to access ambulance services for nursing home residents and low-income families is an important step forward,” says Kyle Buott, Provincial Coordinator of the Health Network. “We’re pleased to see the government acting on one of Dr John Ross’s key recommendations for improving public health care.”

Fees for ambulance access will drop, but the existence of any fees at all is a barrier to health care.  As the province is increasingly using ambulance services to compensate for closed ERs, it is important that the ambulance services have no cost to patients. The fees also have a disproportional affect on rural Nova Scotians.  The Health Network is also concerned about the potential new barrier being set up for low-income people by requiring them to submit financial details to have the ambulance fees waived.


“The Health Network repeats our call for universal ambulance access, with no up-front costs to patients,” says Buott.  “We want to see a clear commitment and timetable for eliminating ambulance fees altogether.”


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