04 Sep Media Release: Health Network Announces 11 Steps to Best Health System in Canada

For Immediate Release:

Halifax, NS -The Nova Scotia Citizen’s Health Care Network launched a 12-point platform for protecting, strengthening, and extending public health care in Nova Scotia. Each item is a cost-saving or low-cost item which will make public health care work better and provide better care for Nova Scotians. The Network is calling on all parties to “steal” these ideas in their election platforms.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” says James Hutt, provincial coordinator of the Health Network. “To improve the health care system, expand services that help communities thrive and keep people healthy in the first place. By following these steps and investing in solutions like community health centres and midwives, we would keep people away from hospitals, off wait lists, and save money.”

Ensuring that Nova Scotia remains committed to single-tier, universal, public health care will ensure that health care is its most efficient. The platform calls for a moratorium on P3 contracts, bringing existing private, for-profit clinics into the public system and proclaiming Bill 144, which was passed in December 2012.

“Time and time again we have seen that with for-profit health care, Nova Scotians pay more and get less,” says Hutt. “The next government of Nova Scotia must commit to public health care to ensure that it is organized for quality and efficiency, not profit.”

The platform calls for targeted action on health human resources. Emphasis on team-based, patient-centred care will reduce wait times and costs. To do this, the Health Network’s platform calls for more nurse practitioners to be hired, as well as leadership on pharmacare and an expanded Mental Health Strategy.

Whether its hiring Nurse Practitioners, who can see 80% of the cases a doctor can for a fraction of the cost, or creating a strategy to deal with our aging population, these are 11 proven solutions that all Nova Scotians can get behind” said Lee Seymour, Chair of the Health Network. “Our platform lays out a clear concise plan that any political party can follow to create the best health care system in the country.

The full platform is available at http://nshealthcoalition.ca/ns-election-2013public-sector-solutions/




For more information, contact:

James Hutt

Provincial Coordinator

Nova Scotia Citizen’s Health Care Network

(Office) 406-9422

(Mobile) 222-1186




About the Nova Scotia Citizen’s Health Care Network


Formed in 1996, the Nova Scotia Citizens’ Health Care Network’s goal is to stop the privatization of the public health care system, ensure high levels of care, and create a forum for people and communities to discuss issues in health care.

The Network is a coalition of local health committees, community groups, organized labour, faith groups, women’s organizations, students, and individuals dedicated to protecting and extending public health care to include services like pharmacare, dental care, long-term care, mental health care and home care.

The Network is political but non-partisan and receives no government funding.