16 Aug MEDIA RELEASE: NS Health Network Applauds NDP’s Commitment to Children’s Health

August 16, 2013, MEDIA RELEASE:


Nova Scotia Citizens’ Health Care Network Applauds NDP’s Commitment to Children’s Health.

Halifax, NS – The Nova Scotia Citizen’s Health Care Network applauds the Nova Scotia New Democrat’s announcement today that it will expand dental coverage yearly up to age 17. Coming on the heels of an April announcement that increased the age to 12 and under, this later change will increasing the age of coverage incrementally over 4 years until all children 17 and under are covered.

“This is a major victory” said Lee Seymour, Chair of the Nova Scotia Citizens’ Health Care Network. “Oral health is a good indication and foundation for general health. Now 54,300 children will get the start they need to lead long healthy lives.”

The Health Network has campaigned for years to increase children’s dental coverage. At its highest point, coverage extended to age 16; at its lowest, up until last spring, only children under 9 had coverage. The NDP’s decision reverses decades of cuts and will ultimately offer free dental care to more Nova Scotians than ever.

“These changes will go a long way, not only by keeping young Nova Scotians healthy, but also by preventing future costs in the health care system.” Seymour said. “We congratulate the NDP government on this important step in protecting, strengthening and expanding public health care.”




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