27 Sep Premiers Must Work Together for 2014 Health Accord

Stephen Harper must be brought to the negotiating table with Canada’s premiers to negotiate a Health Accord in 2014, say citizen’s groups. The Nova Scotia Citizen’s Health Care Network and the Council of Canadians will be showing a tug-of-war themed piece of street theatre to get the message across, on Thursday, September 27th at 12:00pm in Victoria Park. Provincial and territorial health ministers will be meeting across the street in the Lord Nelson hotel.

“Stephen Harper is cutting $36 billion from public health care and refusing to sign a national accord. It’s hard to understate what he’s doing: he is destroying public health care as a national program,” says Kyle Buott, provincial coordinator of the Health Network. “He is trying to get the premiers to sign one-off agreements in place of a national accord. This will mean uneven and inferior services to Canadians. It is not acceptable.”

The Health Network and Council of Canadians are calling on the provinces to run a national public campaign to convince Stephen Harper to come to the negotiating table with all the premiers. The performance will pit Stephen Harper against Canada’s premiers in a tug-of-war. The Prime Minister is trying to drag each premier into Medicare’s graveyard, while the premiers are trying to pull Stephen Harper to the negotiating table that will lead to phase two of medicare. *Spoiler Alert* Only when the premiers all pull together can they win against Stephen Harper.

“Every province stands to lose under Harper’s plan. If they act alone, premiers will not be able to maintain portability in health care and therefore we will lose the ability to travel across Canada and receive the same level of care,” says Adrienne Silnicki, health care campaigner for the Council of Canadians. “On the other hand, as our performance will show, if they work together they can bring him back to the table and talk about the issues Canadians care about: national pharmacare, home and community care, mental health care, and dental care.”

Silnicki concluded, “A 2014 Health Accord needs to be on the health ministers’ agenda this week. The stakes have never been this high. The time for leadership is now.”

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Adrienne Silnicki

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Council of Canadians

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