04 Dec Media Release: Info from Liberals Confirms Privatization Fears

Monday, 03 December 2007 Info from Liberals confirms privatization fears, says Health Network

Halifax, NS – Information released by the Nova Scotia Liberal Caucus today confirms public fears about the privatization of our health care system, says the Nova Scotia Scotia Citizens’ Health Care Network.

“The documents released by Liberals suggest physicians are extremely concerned about their patients health and wellbeing and are considering a turn towards privatization to solve this problem,” says Kyle Buoot, Coordinator of the Health Network. “Unfortunately the physicians in question have not realized the only solutions to the problems in our health care system are in the public system.”

With the provincial government vowing to bring in P3’s in health care, this document raises many questions about potential plans to privatize the provision of services..

“Rodney MacDonald needs to clean the air immediately and state publicly whether or not he supports a single-tier, publicly funded, public administered, and public delivered health care system in Nova Scotia,” says Buott. “The public has the right to know where their government stands on this issue.”

Privatization has been shown around the world to destroy public health care systems.

“From Great Britain to the United States to cases in Canada, privatization has not shown itself to be a solution to the problems our health care system faces,” says Buott. “There are public sector solutions, including traveling physician teams, increased use of nurse practitioners, and using queue management techniques, we just need the political will to implement them.”

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About the Nova Scotia Citizens’ Health Care Network:

Formed in 1996, the Nova Scotia Citizens’ Health Care Network’s goal is to stop the privatization of the public health care system, ensure high levels of care, and create a forum for people and communities to discuss issues in health care.

The Network is a coalition of community groups, organized labour, faith groups and individuals dedicated to protecting and advancing public health care to include services like pharmacare, dental care and long-term and home care.

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