22 May Media Release: Report threatens local services, Health Network demands action

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Report threatens local services, Health Network demands action

Halifax, NS – The new report by Corpus Sanchez about intensive care services validates the Nova Scotia Citizens’ Heath Care Network’s fears about this government’s lack of commitment to the public health care system.  When the first health services review by Corpus Sanchez was released the Health Network said it would lead to reductions in services in local communities, this new report confirms those fears.

“This new report talks about reducing the number of locations that ICU services are delivered,” says Kyle Buott, Coordinator of the Health Network.  “As we mentioned in January after the first Corpus Sanchez report, the provincial government does not seem to be committed to providing health care services in local communities.”

The Health Network recently completed a 14-town tour of the province talking about privatization issues.  One thing that rang clear through all of these town hall meetings is people want to see health care services delivered locally.

“The provincial government is failing communities like Tatamagouche, Digby and Shelburne by  failing to ensuring their ERs stay open, how many more communities will they fail when ICU services are lost?” says Buott. “Which communities will see their ICU services downgraded or lost entirely?”

The first step the provincial government should take is to begin creating a health human resources strategy that includes all stakeholders to ensure Nova Scotia has the health care workers we will need in  the future.

“Now is the time for action.  We need innovative, public sector solutions to the problems in the health care system,” says Buott.  “Things like nurse practitioners, traveling physician teams and better queue management.  Let’s stop talking about reducing services and privatization and start talking about solutions.”

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