06 Feb Media Release: Tory Caucus ignores health issues, stoops to personal attacks

Tuesday, 05 February 2008
Provincial Tory Caucus avoids discussions of real health care solutions, stoops to personal attacks

Halifax, NS – The NS Progressive Conservative Caucus has stooped to a new low by launching a smear campaign against the Nova Scotia Citizens’ Health Care Network. The Progressive Conservative Caucus office released a piece called “Reality Check: Kyle Buott and the NS Citizens’ Health Care Network” which accuses the Health Network of being an NDP Front organization.

“The Tory Caucus is grasping at straws to try and take the focus off their plans to privatize the public health care system,” says Kyle Buott, Coordinator of the Health Network. “The Nova Scotia Citizens’ Health Care Network is political but non-partisan and will not be intimidated by smear tactics which do nothing to explain the policy issues behind the debate.”

The Tory Caucus is attempting to intimidate citizens’ organizations and stop them from speaking out against government policy.

“This smear campaign is an attempt to silence the Health Network and other citizens’ groups in Nova Scotia from presenting the other side of the debate facing our public health care system today,” says Buott. “The Health Network believes in a health care system based on need, not ability to pay and will continue to travel around the province to meet with concerned citizens and organize local health committees to fight for local service delivery and stop privatization.”

The Tory Caucus’ smear campaign is a sign that they are not happy that their anti-public health care policies are being challenged.

“The Tory Caucus is lashing out because their policies are not popular with Nova Scotians,” says Buott. “We are obviously doing something right and in the public interest if they feel the need to smear our organization.”

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About the Nova Scotia Citizens’ Health Care Network:

Formed in 1996, the Nova Scotia Citizens’ Health Care Network’s goal is to stop the privatization of the public health care system, ensure high levels of care, and create a forum for people and communities to discuss issues in health care.

The Network is a coalition of community groups, organized labour, faith groups and individuals dedicated to protecting and advancing public health care to include services like pharmacare, dental care and long-term and home care.

The Network is political but non-partisan and receives no government funding.