28 Mar Advisory – National Day of Action in 43 Communities Launches Health Accord Campaign


Halifax, NS. – On Monday, March 31, 43 communities across Canada are sounding the alarm that public health care is under attack. The Nova Scotia Citizens’ Health Care Network is holding events in Halifax and Bridgewater as part of a national day of action to launch a campaign for new a Health Accord. The rallies will take place at noon and at Victoria Park in Halifax, and in front of MP Gerald Keddy’s office in Bridgewater.

The Health Accord is an agreement between the provinces, territories and federal government. It provides stable federal funding and sets national standards and goals for improving the system. The current Health Accord expires March 31st, 2014 and the federal government is refusing to renegotiate it.

“We are sounding the alarm to alert Canadians that without a new accord there will be no incentives to reduce wait times and delays, or even ensure quality of care from coast to coast” said James Hutt, Provincial Coordinator of the Health Network. “The result will be the end of universal health care for all and the creation of one health system for the wealthy, and another broken system for the rest of us.”

Events are organized in over 40 communities across Canada, including a luncheon in Ottawa with Dr. Jeff Turnbull – Past-President of the Canadian Medical Association, and a concert in Toronto with over 20 Canadian artists – including Shirley Douglas.

In Halifax, health care supporters are calling on the premier and opposition leaders to sign a  full-body cast of a mannequin hospital patient to show their support for a new accord.

Expiration of the accord will transfer a greater portion of the costs and risks to the provinces. It will also be accompanied by a $36 billion dollar cut to federal health transfers, and an additional $16.5 billion dollar cut to health care equalization payments. For Nova Scotia, that equals $902 million over 10 years.

The Nova Scotia Citizens’ Health Care Network and the Canadian Health Coalition will follow up the day of action with a national Medicare Tour, starting in Halifax on April 3 and visiting eight cities across the country. The tour features Alex Himelfarb, former Clerk of the Privy Council to three prime ministers, and Wendell Potter, former VP of Communications for Cigna, one of the largest American health insurers

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A list of national events occurring on March 31st can be found at: http://healthcoalition.ca/map/


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Nova Scotia Citizens’ Health Care Network

Office: 902-406-9422

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