31 Oct Nova Scotia Health Coalition Endorses Canadian Federation of Students’ Day of Action

The Nova Scotia Health Coalition is proud to endorse the Canadian Federation of Students’ 2016 Day of Action for universal access to education.

The Health Coalition believes that universal access to public services is a basic right and opposes user fees on public services. Education, like healthcare, should be accessible to all people based on their needs, not based on what province they live in or how much money they have in their pockets. The erosion of public services in Canada has been ongoing for decades and we are excited to see a new generation fighting back against user fees and privitization. We are happy to be able to join students and their allies in fighting for a more fair and just world.

We support the CFS and their campaign for accessible, universal, high quality and democratic public services and we encourage all of our supporters to join students, faculty, staff and other concerned Nova Scotians on November 2.

Details on the Halifax and Churchpoint rallies can be found on the CFS website.