25 Jan Nova Scotia Health Coalition is alarmed by government’s P3 plans

Nova Scotia Health Coalition is alarmed by government’s P3 plans

HALIFAX – The Nova Scotia Health Coalition is alarmed by today’s announcement by the Nova Scotia government that they will hire consultants to evaluate the business case for using Public-Private Partnership (P3) funding and management models to replace the old VG Hospital site in Halifax.

“After over three decades of failed private funding deals, we have overwhelming evidence that this model just doesn’t work,” Health Coalition coordinator Chris Parsons said.

“There’s no business case to be made for these funding schemes. In the end, they cost more and deliver less,” he added.

In 2014 Ontario’s Auditor General found that P3 deals cost the Ontario government $8 billion more than if they had been financed and managed in the public sector. Closer to home, the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives – Nova Scotia released a report last summer showing that the P3 school projects in Nova Scotia were an overwhelming failure.

The Coalition is particularly worried that the money wasted exploring or building health infrastructure using private funding schemes will result in less money being spent to deliver services to Nova Scotians.

“The millions of dollars that this government will spend on private consultants – and the billions it risks overspending on a private funding and management deal – is money that will come out of health and other services,” Parsons explained. “Our tax dollars should be going to frontline services and preventative care, not to increasing corporate profits.”


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