03 Oct Release: Health Network Announces Election Report Card

For immediate release

Halifax, NS -The Nova Scotia Citizen’s Health Care Network published an election report card, grading all four of the political parties on their healthcare platforms.

The Green Party received the highest grade of a “B.” The NDP ranked second with a grade of C+, followed by the Liberals at C-, and the PC’s with a D-.

Parties were marked based on their platforms and on their responses to a questionnaire. The Health Network issued a final grade, as well grade for 6 key areas: Vision, Opposition to Privatization, Health Delivery, Access to Care, Pharmacare, and Patient Centred Care.

“The results are really quite telling. Healthcare is a huge priority this election, with major challenges on horizon, but most parties are content to tinker around the edges” said James Hutt, Coordinator of the Health Network. “Only the Green party articulated a clear vision on how to reduce costs and keep Nova Scotians healthy, but they lost marks for not costing their platform.”

Of the four parties, only the Green’s explicitly oppose privatization and promise to bring Nova Scotia’s private clinics back into public hands. The Liberals and PC’s both received F’s for privatization, with the NDP scoring only marginally better with a D-.

Overall the Health Network described the results as disappointing, citing each party’s failure to capitalize on existing solutions to improving frontline care and access.

“We’ve seen that most parties have missed key opportunities to improve quality and access to care said Lee Seymour, Chair of the Health Network. “We hope that this report card serves as a wake-up call to seize the low hanging fruit.”

Whatever the outcome Tuesday, the Health Network says the public will need to pressure the next government to improve care, while expanding access and models of care. ”

For the complete report card please visit: http://nshealthcoalition.ca/election-report-cards/