13 Sep September 13th/12 – Letter to the Editor: Premiers Must Demand Accord

Letter to the Editor

By John Hutton, Nova Scotia Citizen’s Health Care Network

Think about the problems we face with health care as it is. Now, imagine that over one thousand nurses were removed. Think about how long it takes to get a bed in a hospital here in Nova Scotia. Now, imagine that several hospitals were shut down. It would be a chaotic nightmare for Nova Scotians in need, and it is exactly what Stephen Harper’s cuts will do to the province if he gets his way.

For the last ten years, public health care has been funded by a health accord between the provincial, terrirorial, and federal governments. The next agreement needs to be in place by 2014, and the Conservatives are planning to cut $36 billion. It’s hard to overestimate the threat this poses. Harper has long been an opponent of public health care. His policies will effectively destroy Canada’s most cherished institution.

Canada’s health ministers are meeting in Halifax on September 27th. They need to work together and run a national campaign to bring Harper to the negotiating table. Working together, they can win a strong health accord. The time for leadership is now. The provinces and territories need to stop Harper and save public health care.