07 Jul Staffing changes at the NS Health Coalition

There have been some changes in staffing at the Nova Scotia Health Coalition.



June was Katelyn Armstrong’s last month with the Coalition. Katelyn was our Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator and was instrumental in the success of our 2015 federal election campaign. As anyone who volunteered with us knows, Katelyn’s energy, commitment and general good cheer have helped define the Coalition for the last year and we were lucky to have her.



In May Chris Parsons joined the coalition as our new Provincial Coordinator. Chris has been involved in political organizing in Halifax for over a decade and before coming to the Coalition he worked for the King’s Students’ Union. In addition to his political work, Chris has written about labour and working class history, politics and basketball for various academic and popular publications including rankandfile.ca and Vice Canada.




With the help of the Canada Student Jobs program we have hired Tameera Mohamed as our Campaigns Assistant for the summer. Tameera is a graduate student studying medical sociology at Dalhousie University. She is a co-founder of Our Resilient Bodies and was the coordinator of the most recent Canadian University Queer Services Conference. She will be helping both with our general outreach and campaign efforts and with helping us to build a campaign around mental health and addictions services.